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Allgemeine Diskussion / I am alive ! ;D
« am: 23:00:34 ,07 Oktober 2017 »
Hello hello !

No i didn't forget you, and i am playing again to soldner.
Even if i am the last of the Turbosoeldner... Mmm i am not the last ?
Hello to all of you !!!

Your super  ;D


Turbo-Games / Duke Nukem Forever
« am: 18:38:47 ,14 Juni 2011 »
Hello all !

I have it and the multi is funny  8)
I am Lvl 14 for the time being  ;)

See you soon i hope  ;D
(*come get some*)

Allgemeine Diskussion / Duke Nukem Forever ?
« am: 17:39:16 ,12 Mai 2011 »
Hi everyone !!!

Do you intend to buy and play to Duke Nukem 8) ?

I used to play a LOT with my friend a long time ago in local network (up to 7 on coax link).
A gooooooood time  ;D
I'd like to frag some people (Mmmm ? Fanta for example  ;) ).

See you !  :)

Nabend... (ya ya)  ;D

Since knowing our weapons & other is very important to be better, i started a complete (and secret  8)) list of everything in the game.
It will take some time to finish it, but here's a sample (pass : nds).
Only the handgun part is finished, and the vehicules is almost too.

Enjoy and comment  ;)

Allgemeine Diskussion / How becoming a Turbosoeldner ?
« am: 22:04:49 ,06 November 2009 »
Hello !!!

I talk a bit with Abyss today and i wonder ; How can i subscribe to be one of you ?

Huuuu what can i say ?

- I play Soldner since 50 years from now,
- I always wanted to be a Turbosoeldner since i was born,
- I am the n°1 of Soldner (the ranking say i am only n°44 ::), but it's a trap for my ennemies  ;D)
- I can kill a fly at 10 km with a knife,
- I can teach Fanta how to drive (yes, i can do miracle  ;) )

In fact, i am thinking about it since a few weeks.
I like the spirit of the few of you i know (Fanta, Lordatlan, Crackers, Abyss, Krusty etc ^^...) and the teamplay.
As you may know, my "Reve" team is nonexistant since its my guild name of Guildwars, and no one of them is interested by Soldner.

So, what do you think about it ?
PS : Patt asked my today in his group, but i only know him, and his team is not very present so...  ::)

Allgemeine Diskussion / A nice screen :)
« am: 16:20:08 ,24 Juli 2009 »
Hello !

If you know the guys on this screen, i am sure they'll be happy to get it.
We had a lot of fun yesterday, especially with Soturi  ;D

Yes, Sorry Fanta but... you wasn't there, Soturi was a nice teamate and i didn't want to cheat on you but...


 ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

[gelöscht durch Administrator]

Allgemeine Diskussion / I'll be baaaack
« am: 20:19:11 ,19 Mai 2009 »

just a small message to stay i will not play up to next week :)
A loooooong WE await me.

See you ;)


Allgemeine Diskussion / Fanta's fall
« am: 18:18:54 ,10 Mai 2009 »
That's a long time since my last drawing.
This one look like a child one, but the content is 100% true and happened last month ;D

Since it's not really art, i prefere to post it here  ::)

Allgemeine Diskussion / About yesterday's war !
« am: 11:42:25 ,07 Mai 2009 »
My friends, kamarad, solder,

Execpt for the first map when i arrived, yesterday was a shame !!!  >:(
We were humiliated, slaughtered, beaten, Fantaen (yes, it's the worst) :'( !!!

Even the last map (I'll put a screen later, i am at work right now ;) ) was a defeat (only because of the time). Fanta leaved us without warning ; yes it was a treason, he must be punished and i volonter for it  ;D  ;D  ;D

I noticed each time the SSC (especially Mel1 and Blacky) was in the opposite team, the ]T[ was beaten (and me too  ::) ). These too are always together, if one is not the commander.

Kamared, WE must change the fate, We must have a strategy !  8) 8)
We can't let the EVIL Blue team conquer the world !!!


Yes, it's an extraterrestrial conspiracy blablabla... SSC governement etc... Not the real world... My secret spy with cigarette told me everything (thx -]T[-SuI-) etc... (no, i don't take anything illegal Mr Agent)

I suggest 3 options :

1) We sacrifice Fanta to the God before each game !  :)

2) The heavy use of nuclear Weapons each map (yes, everyone die, but at last they don't win  ::) )

3) We find a good comm, everyone have a duty (buy a car, RPG, Inf...) and forget to have fun  :-[

4)  4rth option of 3 ; We pray a lot during the whole game  :P

5) I have no idea, they are too strong  ::)

6) We organize everything on TS (with french / deutsh / english language with or without accent ;D ).

Hehe, see you later  ;D :D ;D

And i sign : Mao the Tongsistant  8)

Allgemeine Diskussion / Gutentaaaag all
« am: 20:44:18 ,04 März 2009 »
Hello !!!

It's me, "Super Resistant"  ;)
I'm am just passing by and i want to say too a big :

Have a nice holliday and come back quickly  ;)

And hello to you all too  ;D
See you soon ingame and a lot of fun !

Marc aka "Super Resistant"
(Just call me "Super" ok ? ^^)

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